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about Wild Void


Wild Void will be a sci-fi graphic novel that takes place in the year 2533. It's a detective-like post-apocalyptic mecha space western. All the art is crafted by Luka Brico and you can check out his great portfolio at 

I am Alex, creator of the Wild Void universe and the graphic novel. I have already collaborate with Luka on another big project called A Glimpse of Luna ( For A Glimpse of Luna, I have built a huge fantasy world together with my brother. I love worldbuilding and I have always wanted to release a graphic novel… so it was only a matter of time before Wild Void took shape! 

My plan is to release this project for crowdfunding later this summer. On this website, I will share as much detail as possible surrounding Wild Void’s universe.
Please subscribe to the mailing list so I can notify you once the project is live as well as any updates. You can also follow us on twitter where we share sketches, concept art, and other progress. 



It’s Earth Year 2533… Humankind has been an intergalactic species since the beginning of the 23th century. During the past 3 centuries, mankind has explored and colonized many new worlds. Until recently, Earth and the earliest colonized planets have been the center of the human race. In the early 26th century, civilization slowly began to deteriorate from within. In the year 2530 civilization collapsed and humankind found itself in another Dark Age.
The cause of this
collapse was an event referred to as “The Awakening”. For centuries society was controlled by a technocratic regime. Although this has been the key for technological progression it alsocultivated the modern slave. The technological progress always seemed to be a double-edged sword… it gave humanity to room to grow but it also made space travel more and more affordable. People wanted to break free of the regime and saw opportunities for more independence. Overtime, the corrupt and parasitic construct of government began to wear itself down. The consequences of this were always shifted from the elites to the people. This could only go on for so long and eventually broke the camel’s back. A strong rebellion emerged to fight the government’s suppression. Ultimately, the rebels succeeded to shatter the system but before long the rebellion broke apart as well.
Shortly after, most colonies - especially the well-developed ones - fell apart due to their strong dependence on the established system. Scattered over the universe there are only a fraction of functioning worlds remaining.
Even though it has always been an impossible task to keep the infinite cosmos under control, the void has never been as wild as now…
Former detective Gunnar Graufell saw it coming and managed to leave the center of civilization before things escalated. Ever since the collapse Gunnar has been working as a mercenary. His jobs are versatile but he is best known for his investigation’s skills. Not for nothing he is also known as Gunnar the Tracker. Gunnar’s current job takes him to the remote Gemini System. His mission is to hand over his target to the only remaining maximum security prison.

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