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about Wild Void

EXPLORE the Frontiers of a post-apocalyptic society & sci-fi world and follow The Freelancer And former DETECTIVE Gunnar on his journey.

Incorporated themes:

- Wild West

- RETRO & 80s vibes

- Detective Work

- a pinch of MECHA

Inspired by

Blade Runner, Escape from New York, Mad Max & Blade

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A new dawn! More than three Earth Years have passed since the fall of the Terran Empire and the collapse of civilization. But freedom had its price.

The remains' center is dominated by lawlessness and piracy and the void has never been more wild...

The colonies at the frontiers are the only places where some order is still maintained.

Gunnar, a former detective, who works as a freelancer to make ends meet and protect freedom from chaos, is on his way to finish a job...

the team

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Alexander Paul

Creator & writer


Luka Brico


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